Stock Table white

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Material: Powder coated steel
Size & weight: Ø: 37 cm
H: 46 cm
D: 37,5 cm
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Stock is delivered assembled.
Clean with damp cloth.


Stock Table

Using the most elementary steel stock parts as their starting point, MSDS Studio has created an architectural little side table. Their design ‘Stock’ presents metal in a raw and deconstructed way, while retaining a delicate, rigid quality.

The table’s unconventional leg arrangement emphasises the material’s strength and produces an interesting composition of elements. The aesthetic negative spaces – the airy open area under the table top and the triangle between the angled legs – come from disregarding the traditional arrangement of table legs, creating a new form of symmetry.

Stock appears as a small, strict piece of sculpture, which also serves as a practical, stable side table.

Designed by MSDS Studio


MSDS Studio

MSDS is a multidisciplinary Toronto-based studio founded by Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine. With an exploratory approach to design, they apply technical and aesthetic considerations to the processes of transforming raw materials into objects and products, combining Jessica’s background in interior design and Jonathan’s experience in cabinetmaking. Materials are used in ways that respect their properties and the processes to manipulate them, and colors are used to unify components or to accentuate specific aspects of a design.

MSDS explains: “Design is a means of mediating between nature and culture. We produce design that engages contemporary culture while adhering to the abiding principles of good design and the inheritance of craftsmanship.”

MSDS Studio